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July 25 2014

3 ugly numbers behind the push for Canadian hydropower

New England’s governors and the developers who stand to profit need to be honest about its true costs and benefits

Hopping the Washington merry-go-round July 25 2014

Hopping the Washington merry-go-round

Observations from the nation's capital

July 11 2014

Senator pandered to lobbyists on early offer bill

A sinister bait-and-switch undermined a bipartisan compromise

July 11 2014

A health care opportunity for New Hampshire

Everyone wins under the new expanded Medicaid program

July 11 2014

The horror of unnecessary, easily avoidable wars

Why do we keep sending good young Americans into the mechanized meat grinder?

Baker’s legacy should be a guide for officeholders July 11 2014

Baker’s legacy should be a guide for officeholders

His ability to forge compromises without sacrificing his principles appears to be in short supply today

July 11 2014

On campus, it’s sustainability vs. square feet

If you really want to demonstrate sustainability, you start by building less

June 27 2014

How can we count on the Site Evaluation Committee?

Does it represent the interests of the public or the industry?

June 27 2014

A sustainable strategy for global growth

By allowing polluting industry to pollute for free they gain competitive advantage and put clean competitors out of business

June 27 2014

SEC reform bill will make a difference

The way the measure passed is a lesson in how the Legislature can work