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September 18 2015

An open letter to the DNC: Let them debate

A limit on primary debates hurts the party, political discourse

September 4 2015

Clean Power Plan can drive innovation

It’s an opportunity for NH businesses and investors to create jobs and economic growth

September 4 2015

Planned Parenthood is essential to NH

There is simply no way other health care providers could meet the tremendous need met by the organization

September 4 2015

The path ahead on immigration

Throwing one’s hands up and doing nothing won’t work

September 4 2015

Let’s bolster our workforce infrastructure

The challenge is to create a win-win for workers and small businesses

August 21 2015

Let’s face the facts about democracy in NH

A new report finds that the storybook version doesn’t exist for the vast majority

August 21 2015

Preserve choice in the health marketplace

‘One-size-fits-all’ health care would hamper the progress we’ve made

August 21 2015

Without budget, legislative gains are incomplete

Many accomplishments remain in limbo because of governor’s veto

August 21 2015

Infrastructure: key to NH’s competitiveness

So why do we only reinvest 2.5% of the infrastructure’s worth back into the system every year?

August 7 2015

Housing costs hit NH’s workforce, businesses

New Hampshire needs to add about 24,000 affordable homes to close the “affordability gap”

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