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June 14 2013

Inaccuracies about federal funding for Medicaid

Concerns about the reliability of government funding with regard to the Medicaid expansion have been raised.

March 8 2013

'Chained' CPI cuts Social Security benefits

There’s a budget proposal on the table – the “chained” consumer price index – that would cut over $623 million from Granite Staters’ Social Security and veterans’ COLA over the next 10 years.

February 22 2013

Here's why legislators need guns

A concealed weapon in the hands of a good person is not the slightest danger to innocent people...

February 22 2013

Potential workers’ comp mandates could be costly

Great article by Bob Sanders on the worker’s comp situation in New Hampshire, but...

February 8 2013

Wind energy isn’t all it’s cracked up to be

There are a couple of points on the wind farm debate that the general public just isn't hearing enough of.

January 25 2013

It’s time for change in state government

Do the words responsibility, accountability or integrity have any place in state government anymore? It would appear not, at least with regard to the attorney general.

January 25 2013

EB-5 has potential public-funding benefits

The creative use of the EB-5 foreign investment visa offers numerous opportunities to fund worthy projects and create jobs for U.S. citizens

December 14 2012

Abandoning rail in N.H. was a mistake

New Hampshire has spent a half a century neglecting what was once a great rail network. Instead we have poured billions into a road system we strain to keep updated.

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