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July 8 2016

We can no longer afford the energy status quo

Infrastructure investments would bring NH cheaper, safer, cleaner power

July 8 2016

Earth stewardship is a moral responsibility

June 24 2016

A challenge to Councilor Wheeler

Why I’m running for Executive Council in District 5

June 24 2016

A strong message to buy American

Defense Department budget includes a possible boost for New England footwear companies

June 10 2016

U.S. should lead on carbon capture technology

Worldwide, the use of fossil fuels is growing rapidly, despite concerns about global warming

June 10 2016

Economic challenges threaten long-term care

State-funded Medicaid payments annually fall millions of dollars short of reimbursing provider costs

June 10 2016

Why I’m running for Executive Council

The council wields incredible power, and with that power comes responsibility

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