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Should employers care about the final HIPAA rule?

Even companies not covered by the law can never review too often their privacy and security policies and procedures
June 14, 2013

Tools for successful business succession

It is never too early for a business to start work on a succession plan
May 17, 2013

International dispute resolution: It pays to plan ahead

For most international disputes, there is no satisfactory substitute to arbitration
May 17, 2013

Why businesses should take a hard look at telecommuting

There are no glaring legal risks in allowing workers to telecommute
May 17, 2013

Final HIPAA Omnibus Rule expands law’s impact on firms

The final rule extends the scope of the privacy and security portions of HIPAA to business associates and their subcontractors
May 3, 2013

Sexual stereotyping is prohibited in the workplace

Gender stereotyping is a form of sex discrimination, and it applies equally to men and women
April 19, 2013

America Invents Act: the good news and bad news

The new law essentially means the old ‘race to the Patent Office’ is back with a vengeance
March 22, 2013

New Hampshire business tax changes for 2013

Besides new laws, compensation audit activity remains on the radar
March 8, 2013

The legal requirements for noncompete agreements

N.H. courts require that the agreements to be narrowly tailored
February 21, 2013

Prorating pay when a salaried employee is fired

The key is whether it was a ‘for cause’ termination
February 21, 2013

Estate planning for the small business owner

It’s much more than planning for distribution of property
February 21, 2013

New criteria used to determine independent contractor status

The potential civil penalties and damages are significant for erroneous employment status
January 25, 2013

Auto insurance: a lawyer's perspective

Since car insurance isn't mandatory in New Hampshire, your need to carry it is even greater
January 25, 2013

How to calculate a departing employee's wages

Several factors determine the amount and timing of the payments
December 28, 2012

Protecting your company from employee theft

The key is having multiple checks and balances in place
December 28, 2012
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