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January 24 2014

State gaming panel did a thorough, balanced job

Our job was not to answer whether a casino would be ‘good’ or ‘bad,’ rather it was to figure out what rules would best serve the state

January 24 2014

N.H. doesn’t need ‘dental hygiene practitioners’

It’s a model that has only been applied in the most remote areas of Alaska and Minnesota, supported with significant state subsidies

January 10 2014

Who says quitters never win?

A new program, “Quitter in You,” supports N.H. smokers in their efforts to kick the habit

January 10 2014

Transparency would improve health exchange

Competition will only resolve some of the flaws of the new system

January 10 2014

A child care center owner’s plea to expand Medicaid

My employees deserve health coverage

January 10 2014

NAFTA failed to live up to promises

According to NAFTA’s backers, the agreement was supposed to promote prosperity in both countries and actually reduce the pressure to migrate

What’s in store for 2014? Some predictions December 27 2013

What’s in store for 2014? Some predictions

Thoughts on the upcoming national and state elections

December 27 2013

Higher ed is vital to New Hampshire's future

Some lessons to be learned from the BIA’s strategic plan

December 27 2013

How education can STEAM ahead in NH

A new Manchester program would enable students to earn a minimum of one year of college credits by the time they graduate high school at no cost

December 27 2013

Clinics meet a growing need for dental services

Oral health programs are successful when they build strong relationships with their community