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May 13 2016

Let’s Change Direction on mental illness

We will save and restore lives if we begin to treat it with the respect and humanity it deserves

May 13 2016

A commitment to small business

Policies coming out of Washington should make it easier for NH entrepreneurs to launch and grow their companies

April 29 2016

Northern Pass behaving badly

Tying the project to the Balsams redevelopment is divisive and coercive

April 29 2016

Providing equal justice for all

The need has never been greater for civil legal services

April 29 2016

The urgency of workforce development

It is essential to New Hampshire’s long-term economic health

There’s no better time to invest in clean energy May 13 2016

There’s no better time to invest in clean energy

Energy-efficiency and smaller-scale renewable-energy projects are underway in NH like never before

April 29 2016

We need to strengthen NH’s background check system

Loophole lets dangerous people continue to purchase firearms

April 15 2016

We need an all-resource energy strategy

Despite the warm winter, NH households pay well over 50% more than the national average for electricity and almost 70% more for natural gas

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