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April 29 2016

We need to strengthen NH’s background check system

Loophole lets dangerous people continue to purchase firearms

April 15 2016

We need an all-resource energy strategy

Despite the warm winter, NH households pay well over 50% more than the national average for electricity and almost 70% more for natural gas

April 15 2016

Why we wear red on April 12

Though there have been gradual improvements in narrowing the gap between what men and women earn, progress has slowed

April 1 2016

Fairness, not free money, for utilities

We shouldn’t have to overpay them just to help customers save energy

April 1 2016

A threat to health cost transparency

U.S. Supreme Court ruling muddies NH’s efforts to inform consumers

April 1 2016

Why a Vt. law firm chose to expand to Manchester, NH

It’s clear Manchester is rapidly evolving into the heart of an expanding zone of new business opportunity

April 1 2016

Mt. Sunapee expansion decision must be rejected

DRED’s proposed ‘compromise’ ignores the historical reasoning for public investment at Sunapee and all state parks

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