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January 20 2017

Opportunities for economic growth

The new administration offers promising proposals

January 20 2017

Let’s invest in educational quality

Five initiatives that promote opportunity, strengthen communities and boost the workforce

January 6 2017

Bringing the ski bum back to the resort

Waterville Valley’s workforce housing project fills a big need

January 6 2017

17 steps toward a better year in 2017

Ways to make our communities and our country a little bit better

January 6 2017

Repeal the medical device tax

It will stifle innovation and industry growth

January 6 2017

The F-35 supports our troops and NH jobs

Development of the fighter jet supports thousands of additional jobs in the Granite State

December 23 2016

Solving the education dilemma

The quest for affordability should be the norm rather than the exception

December 23 2016

It was arrogance that did the Dems in

Democrats need to abandon Clinton’s brand of centrism and embrace the Sanders wing

December 9 2016

A mandate for bipartisanship

Election indicates NH voters want the parties to work together

December 9 2016

Energy cost, reliability are hitting employers

Action is need to address serious near-term challenges

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