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October 2 2015

Business, politics and climate change

Why Sen. Ayotte should climb off the Clean Power Plan fence

September 18 2015

The GOP’s disturbing nativist direction

Those who wish to restrict immigration are misinterpreting the 14th Amendment

September 18 2015

An open letter to the DNC: Let them debate

A limit on primary debates hurts the party, political discourse

September 18 2015

Planned Parenthood vote is bad for business

Companies in NH want predictability and practicality from government, not ideology and political posturing

September 4 2015

Clean Power Plan can drive innovation

It’s an opportunity for NH businesses and investors to create jobs and economic growth

September 4 2015

Planned Parenthood is essential to NH

There is simply no way other health care providers could meet the tremendous need met by the organization

September 4 2015

The path ahead on immigration

Throwing one’s hands up and doing nothing won’t work

September 4 2015

Let’s bolster our workforce infrastructure

The challenge is to create a win-win for workers and small businesses

August 21 2015

Infrastructure: key to NH’s competitiveness

So why do we only reinvest 2.5% of the infrastructure’s worth back into the system every year?

August 21 2015

Without budget, legislative gains are incomplete

Many accomplishments remain in limbo because of governor’s veto

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