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April 19 2013

USNH sabbaticals are too costly

Since 2004, professors have taken 178 yearlong sabbaticals and 743 part-year sabbaticals at a cost of $65 million

April 19 2013

Is it time to make hemp legal in N.H. again?

An overwhelming number of Live Free or Die Alliance Facebook respondents say it is

April 5 2013

Life after death for the ‘missile to nowhere’

A missile system the Pentagon doesn’t want continues to get funding

April 5 2013

It’s time for N.H. to legalize marijuana, not casinos

It’s a promising libertarian solution to the state’s budget mess

March 22 2013

Paranoia plays a role in pro-gun movement

Since the shootings at Aurora and Newtown, the irrationality, bordering on hysteria, of the pro-gun, no-regulation folks has been on display

March 22 2013

Just say no to private prisons in N.H.

There is a better way to deal with punishment of crime and controlling costs

March 8 2013

Killing school choice hurts poor families

Repeal of the state Opportunity Scholarship Act would harm low-income children and taxpayers

February 22 2013

Here's why legislators need guns

A concealed weapon in the hands of a good person is not the slightest danger to innocent people...

February 22 2013

Bipartisanship needed to avert sequestration cuts

Any approach to deficit reduction that fails to distinguish between wasteful spending and critical investments would undermine our economy and security