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December 26 2014

The economic impact of our community colleges

The system contributes over $1 billion annually to the state’s economy

December 26 2014

Time to rebel against big money in politics

Five years after the Citizens United decision, elections for public office have become a private good

December 26 2014

We’ve traded away our health in pursuit of profits

It’s time to visualize a new goal for our health care system

December 12 2014

LFDA members divided over breastfeeding issue

No resolution seen over whether state employees should be allowed to breastfeed off premises during paid breaks

December 12 2014

Why charitable giving makes a difference

It transforms lives and strengthens our communities

November 28 2014

New Hampshire can’t ignore the clean energy opportunity

The formula is simple: create policies that drive the market toward low-risk, reasonable-return investments

November 28 2014

We’ve got to address the energy crisis now

How can N.H. invite companies to move to the state when it cannot provide them with enough energy to do business?

November 28 2014

Mount Sunapee master plan deserves our support

Despite the cry from a few critics, this is about improving the area’s ski amenities

David Nixon’s death reminds us what we’ve lost November 28 2014

David Nixon’s death reminds us what we’ve lost

There was a day when elected leaders were dedicated to responsible governing and had a commitment to the common good

November 14 2014

The political campaign that could have been

The vast majority of voters say they hate negative ads, and their hatred does not stop there

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