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August 21 2015

Let’s face the facts about democracy in NH

A new report finds that the storybook version doesn’t exist for the vast majority

August 21 2015

Without budget, legislative gains are incomplete

Many accomplishments remain in limbo because of governor’s veto

August 21 2015

Infrastructure: key to NH’s competitiveness

So why do we only reinvest 2.5% of the infrastructure’s worth back into the system every year?

August 21 2015

Preserve choice in the health marketplace

‘One-size-fits-all’ health care would hamper the progress we’ve made

August 7 2015

Housing costs hit NH’s workforce, businesses

New Hampshire needs to add about 24,000 affordable homes to close the “affordability gap”

August 7 2015

Immigration is more than border security

Business owners are taking notes on how immigration reform will impact the economy and jobs

July 24 2015

Vermont’s Northern Pass alternative

It’s time for the out-of-state interests pushing the current Northern Pass proposal to bury the private transmission line along appropriately designated transportation corridors

July 24 2015

Bring long-term highway bill to vote

What’s the most important thing Congress can do to foster job growth in the state?

July 24 2015

The impact of Obama’s immigration appeal on NH

The uncertainty not only affects the lives of undocumented immigrants, but the lives of their families and the places where they live, work and shop

July 10 2015

NH needs to lower business taxes to compete

What we are doing clearly isn’t working

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