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November 27 2015

Innovators need tools to protect trade secrets

We need measures at the federal level to address the interstate and international nature of trade secret theft

November 27 2015

Smarter Balanced: setup for failure

State should acknowledge there’s a problem and work to correct it

November 27 2015

Holding women back holds us all back

In 2015, it’s simply bad business and dumb economics

November 13 2015

An open letter on NH’s pressing energy needs

We must do something now to reduce costs, increase availability

November 13 2015

Why we must support U.S. manufacturing

There are many things policymakers can do to help innovative companies grow

November 13 2015

How we can all fix it

Leading candidates on both sides of the aisle are agreed that big money is corrupting our democracy

November 13 2015

Chief Justice Marshall was never impeached

A lesson on U.S. judicial history

October 30 2015

Cracking the small business glass ceiling

Women entrepreneurs face longer odds in getting access to credit, capital and federal contracts

October 30 2015

The value of family-friendly workplaces

They are healthier, have more loyal employees and are more productive

October 30 2015

Let’s champion our public schools

Reaching Higher NH will work to ensure the promise of our public schools is available to all

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