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January 23 2015

Republicans’ legislative priorities for 2015

We are committed to improving our state’s business climate

January 23 2015

Why is Washington protecting the mega-donors?

To revive healthy political debate, bring choice back to voters and address our nation’s challenges before they bury us

January 23 2015

Populism can fire up a powerful new coalition

More of the same old is not going to inspire angry voters in 2016

January 9 2015

The deck is stacked in favor of two major parties

Party or not, we all get to vote, so how is it that we all can’t run?

What can cure our ailing health care system? January 9 2015

What can cure our ailing health care system?

At nearly 20 percent of the gross national product and rising, our health care system isn’t just driving the economy, it’s devouring it.

January 9 2015

Here’s hoping for a civil and productive session

Personal differences should be set aside and commonalities should be identified so that a pathway to compromise can be explored.

What path will the House follow in 2015 session? December 26 2014

What path will the House follow in 2015 session?

Let’s hope that what is best for the state as a whole will be the guiding principle of the vast majority of legislators

December 26 2014

Passenger rail can restart N.H.’s economic engine

Think about what the economy of the state would look like had we not redeveloped Manchester Airport

December 26 2014

The economic impact of our community colleges

The system contributes over $1 billion annually to the state’s economy

December 26 2014

Time to rebel against big money in politics

Five years after the Citizens United decision, elections for public office have become a private good

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