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March 6 2015

Changes to RGGI are penny wise and pound foolish

Saving energy reduces the need to build new power plants and transmission, which always mean higher costs

February 20 2015

Wholesale electricity costs won’t stay low forever

It’s clear we need to expand natural gas pipeline capacity and import large-scale hydroelectricity from Canada

February 20 2015

Education is necessary for all of our children

Even suspended or expelled students have a right to learn too

February 20 2015

Let’s not forget New Hampshire’s injured workers

Workers’ comp reform efforts shouldn’t adversely affect an injured employee’s access to medical care

February 20 2015

N.H. Medicaid expansion hurts the disabled, poor

Increased costs of the program are causing cuts to other critical services

February 20 2015

Consumers need help with complex energy market

HB 345 seeks to make sure the rules are fair, transparent and equal to all who participate

February 6 2015

To protect jobs, energy projects must move forward

We need more energy directed into our region from diverse fuel sources, and we need it fast

A critical moment for public education in N.H. February 6 2015

A critical moment for public education in N.H.

A number of bills proposed in the Legislature would undo the progress we’ve made

February 6 2015

Putting renewable energy costs in perspective

Anti-renewable people consistently cite ‘increased’ rates due to renewable energy, without comparing what the rates would have been if there were no renewables

Kim Zachos’ complete, and very significant, life January 23 2015

Kim Zachos’ complete, and very significant, life

He excelled in all areas in which he was involved

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