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May 15 2015

Without expanded Medicaid, employers would lose

For a certain group of employers, those with no control over price, the expansion has been crucial

May 1 2015

Medicaid expansion is a boon for NH economy

It creates and protects jobs and provides health security to working families

May 1 2015

‘21st century rural lifestyle’ at risk

The story unfolding in Wilmot could occur in any small town

May 1 2015

Tourism promotion is essential to our economy

Budget cuts could be devastating to NH’s economy

May 1 2015

Why we don’t need light rail

Let’s take the lead in autonomous vehicle technology

April 17 2015

The cost of denying breastfeeding accommodation

SB 219 seeks to clarify employer obligations by putting the context of several federal and state laws all in one place

April 17 2015

We must strengthen, expand N.H.’s clean tech sector

The technology is here already – we simply have to put it to work for the economy

April 17 2015

We can, and must, do better than House budget plan

Cutting critical parts of the state budget does not reduce the needs of seniors any more than cutting a family’s food budget makes anyone less hungry

April 17 2015

Opposition to proposed gas pipeline is misguided

Our current energy situation is untenable, and it must be addressed

April 3 2015

The Crorys: model New Hampshire public servants

Elizabeth and Fred Crory represented what’s truly best about the Granite State

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