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April 17 2015

We can, and must, do better than House budget plan

Cutting critical parts of the state budget does not reduce the needs of seniors any more than cutting a family’s food budget makes anyone less hungry

April 3 2015

The Crorys: model New Hampshire public servants

Elizabeth and Fred Crory represented what’s truly best about the Granite State

April 3 2015

When a good commentator writes a misleading column

Or, ‘why Shouldn’t Dartmouth and the Elliot Hospital pay their fair share?’

April 3 2015

Stop spinning yarns about N.H. tax cut proposals

Small businesses won't be helped, and neither will the state's competitiveness

Granny D's long walk for democracy continues March 20 2015

Granny D's long walk for democracy continues

15 years later, citizens haven’t given up fighting for reform

March 20 2015

Where has New Hampshire’s competitive edge gone?

Businesses know they must invest and innovate to survive, but not state government

March 20 2015

New Hampshire’s state government must be transformed

A new COO would bring more efficiency, innovation

March 6 2015

Tax cuts threaten N.H.’s future economic success

To ensure the state remains attractive, we must invest in quality schools, affordable higher education, safe roads and bridges and healthy, vibrant communities

March 6 2015

N.H. risks reneging on mental health commitment

It’s concerning that state’s history of underfunding may be repeating itself

March 6 2015

Community colleges are essential for N.H. economy

All seven schools offer training and education programs that align with the needs of advanced manufacturers

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