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August 10 2012

We need a 'Steve Jobs of health care'

Praise for physicians James Fieseher and Thomas Clairmont speaking up about public healthcare, but many other doctors aren't speaking up and leaving Americans in the dirt.

June 1 2012

New website seeks to ease internships

'Internships drive local graduates to stay and work in New Hampshire'

February 10 2012

Frustrated, 2 businessmen quit UNHM advisory board

They expressed frustration with their shared view that the Queen City campus has not been responsive to the needs of students or businesses in the Merrimack Valley

January 27 2012

With a potential $1b in deferred maintenance needs, USNH prepares a plea to the Legislature

KEEP was envisioned as a way to attract and keep strong students in the state, arming them with the skills to respond to New Hampshire's future workforce needs and emerging high-tech economy