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February 10 2012

Frustrated, 2 businessmen quit UNHM advisory board

They expressed frustration with their shared view that the Queen City campus has not been responsive to the needs of students or businesses in the Merrimack Valley

January 27 2012

With a potential $1b in deferred maintenance needs, USNH prepares a plea to the Legislature

KEEP was envisioned as a way to attract and keep strong students in the state, arming them with the skills to respond to New Hampshire's future workforce needs and emerging high-tech economy

Growing World Academy imparts its vision to decades of students November 4 2011

Growing World Academy imparts its vision to decades of students

Essential to the school's mission is to develop the "whole child," which means addressing all aspects of his or her being

October 8 2010

Insurance alliances slow to start in N.H.

There's much more to forming a purchasing alliance than pulling together a group of small businesses to go on a shopping trip for health insurance

March 26 2010

Online learning comes into its own at SNHU

If public speaking can be taught online, it stands to reason that most anything can

March 12 2010

UNH’s Manchester campus nears the tipping point

'We are smaller, and therefore obviously more nimble and we can really work more quickly to get things done'