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November 15 2013

Limited provider networks could be the cost-cutting solution we’ve been looking for

Anthem’s and Harvard Pilgrim’s innovative new networks, involving leading health care providers throughout the state, should be applauded as cost-effective alternatives to the old way of doing things

November 15 2013

N.H. needs a clearly defined strategy to maintain its economic advantages

For a long time, the state enjoyed relative prosperity without needing an economic strategy, but that’s no longer the case

November 15 2013

When it comes to health exchange, N.H. lags region

Several factors have been integral to the success neighboring states are having

November 1 2013

Calls for shutdown of Merrimack Station are misguided

Bow coal plant plays important economic role

November 1 2013

Medicaid panel lays groundwork for bipartisan agreement

Having more people insured helps everyone, including those not on Medicaid

November 1 2013

Common ground on Medicaid: a difficult task

Compromise should involve reasonable enrollment, cost restraints

October 18 2013

Bipartisan legislative summit offers ray of hope in the North Country

We did precisely what people want politicians to do -- work together to craft public policy by bending our own political philosophies to find common ground

October 18 2013

Limited health networks undo the good of Obamacare

Health insurance companies, like Anthem, are empowered to pick winners and losers among hospitals like ours

October 18 2013

Funding Obamacare: It’s about life

There are countless people who have needed health care, and they had no hope of affording insurance before the ACA

The state of N.H. higher education October 18 2013

The state of N.H. higher education

Fewer traditional students is creating a ‘buyer’s market’