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October 18 2013

Bipartisan legislative summit offers ray of hope in the North Country

We did precisely what people want politicians to do -- work together to craft public policy by bending our own political philosophies to find common ground

October 18 2013

Limited health networks undo the good of Obamacare

Health insurance companies, like Anthem, are empowered to pick winners and losers among hospitals like ours

October 18 2013

Funding Obamacare: It’s about life

There are countless people who have needed health care, and they had no hope of affording insurance before the ACA

The state of N.H. higher education October 18 2013

The state of N.H. higher education

Fewer traditional students is creating a ‘buyer’s market’

October 4 2013

N.H.’s safety net for children has holes in it

It’s no accident that in 2012 the state had the highest percentage increase of child poverty in the country

October 4 2013

Burying Northern Pass should be N.H.’s decision

The implicit suggestion is that scarring the state’s landscapes is an acceptable subsidy to their bottom line

Remembering John H. Morison, N.H. giant October 4 2013

Remembering John H. Morison, N.H. giant

Both tangibly and as an example, his accomplishments in business and the community were substantial

September 20 2013

Thank you Senator Ayotte for tackling online gambling

DOJ ruling would have serious consequences in N.H.

September 20 2013

Combating the myth of N.H.’s ‘high’ energy prices

The state has the nation’s sixth-highest energy rates – but only for some businesses

September 20 2013

We can’t afford alternative Medicaid plan

The state needs a sensible, quality, affordable system for uninsured low-income residents