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March 21 2014

It’s time for N.H. to encourage benefit corporations

They have the added duty to pursue an environmental and social benefit in addition to shareholder value

March 21 2014

Payroll cards benefit employers and employees

Prepaid cards in general, and payroll cards in particular, are an undoubted win for individuals and families

March 7 2014

Women face a job gap, not a wage gap

If women continue to go into health care rather than manufacturing, human resources rather than engineering, we will continue to see a disparity in pay

February 21 2014

Now isn't the time to increase the fuel tax

Hiking the tax less than one year into a two-year budget is wrong

February 21 2014

Stalled energy projects cost New Hampshire

Efforts to build up our manufacturing sector will be made more difficult unless high costs are addressed

February 21 2014

Income inequality, by the numbers

If CEOs and MBAs are worth so much more in 2014 than in the 1970s, then logic follows that the little worker bees that got them there are worth a few more bucks too

February 7 2014

Disclosure for corporations, so why not politics?

In N.H., an unknown number of out-of-state special-interest organizations are spending millions to support or defeat candidates, and state law doesn’t require disclosure of any of it

February 7 2014

The 2014 Congress can take action to spur growth

There’s room for progress on immigration reform, energy efficiency and investment in research

February 7 2014

Lawmakers should say yes to Medicaid expansion

This important decision will affect 19-to-64-year-old women and men who earn up to $15,856 a year -- too much to qualify