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May 2 2014

The Old Man, the motto and the monopoly

Is there an asterisk after ‘Live Free’?

Changes abound in the spring May 2 2014

Changes abound in the spring

Norelli, Odell retirements to leave big holes in Legislature

April 18 2014

Hindsight and other cop-outs are rarely 20/20

And where are the leaders with a little foresight?

April 18 2014

The Common Core will help prepare our future workforce

The standards help make link between academics and the skills students need for workplace success

April 18 2014

Economic development: N.H.’s biggest challenge

It’s time to initiate new ‘Advantage’

April 4 2014

A strong minimum wage helps the whole economy

Businesses, workers, communities all benefit from a higher wage

Lure of casino gambling remains fool’s gold April 4 2014

Lure of casino gambling remains fool’s gold

Anybody with even a basic knowledge of finance or the casino industry knows that gambling is the equivalent of financial strip mining

April 4 2014

It’s time to abolish New Hampshire’s death penalty

Eliminating state executions says nothing about criminals who kill, but it says a great deal about a society that does not

April 4 2014

Peter T. Paul, Dan Innis and questions of ethics

Should Paul’s $500k Super PAC raise concerns?

March 21 2014

Wind farm opponents and property rights

The effort to stop certain energy projects has now taken a destructive turn