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How history makes us who we are June 14 2013

How history makes us who we are

What 1968 did to shape a generation

May 31 2013

EPA nominee matters to the North Country

Under her leadership, the agency will make prudent decisions involving renewable fuels and biomass

May 31 2013

BET tips exemption undermines state revenues

The proposal would erode the tax base and compound New Hampshire’s fiscal problems

May 31 2013

Why you should care about ‘Running Start’

It’s an outstanding example of the community college system’s efforts to improve access, affordability and the success of N.H.’s students and economy

May 31 2013

Where’s the health coverage information that N.H. residents deserve?

With consumer assistance funding in legislative limbo, time is of the essence to educate N.H. about the Health Benefits Marketplace

May 31 2013

Senator Ayotte’s broader betrayal

What really is at issue here is the role of money and lobbyist control in Washington

May 17 2013

Why Republicans should embrace RGGI

Republicans should support RGGI

May 17 2013

Immigration reform must address the skills gap

The skills gap threatens not only our nation's economic growth, but also our ability to compete globally.

May 17 2013

The Old Man’s spirit lives within us

The same awesome forces of nature that carved the profile of the Old Man millions of years ago surely shape us

May 17 2013

The Dealer Bill of Rights is fair to all

An editorial supporting Senate Bill 126, the Dealer Bill of Rights.