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September 20 2013

Thank you Senator Ayotte for tackling online gambling

DOJ ruling would have serious consequences in N.H.

September 20 2013

Combating the myth of N.H.’s ‘high’ energy prices

The state has the nation’s sixth-highest energy rates – but only for some businesses

September 20 2013

We can’t afford alternative Medicaid plan

The state needs a sensible, quality, affordable system for uninsured low-income residents

N.H.’s changing higher-education landscape September 20 2013

N.H.’s changing higher-education landscape

Stay Work Play tries to bring businesses and colleges together

September 6 2013

Forbes analysis missed the mark on Medicaid expansion

Expansion is about getting patients the right care, at the right time, in the right place

Bragdon should be able to handle dual Senate-LGC roles September 6 2013

Bragdon should be able to handle dual Senate-LGC roles

New Hampshire, with its volunteer legislature, cannot help but run into situations in which personal and vocational assignments conflict with office

August 23 2013

The public use of public roads

Northern Pass’ proposed use of the public roads for its power line is an entirely legal and proper use of public road easements

August 23 2013

Should genetically modified food be labeled?

Live Free or Die Alliance Facebook followers overwhelmingly say yes

The importance of estate planning August 23 2013

The importance of estate planning

Recent legislative action is a reminder that people should take stock of their situation