In our July 16, 2010, edition, and on our Web site beginning the same date, we published an article headlined, "State was warned well before BrandPartners demise." The article detailed the recent closure of Rochester-based BrandPartners and the information imparted to state and federal officials by company employees prior to the closure.Specifically, the article referenced a memo sent to state and federal securities regulators by certain BrandPartners employees. The article contained the following statement: "The employees said they had already talked to the Securities Bureau, as well as the federal Securities and Exchange Commission, detailing various leads, Web sites and bits of articles alleging conspiracy and racketeering by Cataldo, the board chair from 2003 to 2006, Clifford Brune, who became a board member and consultant at the end of 2005 and ended up chairing the board’s audit and compensation committees, and Joseph A. Baratta, who was still defending BrandPartners to the state Department of Labor after it shut down."The statement quoted above was imprecise and unclear. It was not intended, however, to assert or imply that anyone associated with BrandPartners, including the individuals mentioned by name in the statement, was involved in conspiracy or racketeering or other wrongdoing, nor was it intended to assert or imply that any Web site or published article had so stated. Accordingly, we retract the statement quoted above in its entirety.
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