Pastoral Counseling Services provides healing and hope


Hidden in a beautiful mansion in Manchester's North End is a nonprofit counseling center, founded by two pastoral psychotherapists, that has been providing cutting- edge psychotherapy since 1979. Their vision of a community where all people can achieve peace, healing and wholeness is exemplified in this setting. Pastoral Counseling Services isn't a religious counseling center, although they do embrace the root word of religion - "religio," which means to mend or bind back together.PCS recognizes and attends to the natural connection within the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual dimensions of human life.Over the years, thousands have shared their stories and have trusted PCS's 17 licensed psychotherapists to hold this sacred and to provide the highest quality counseling, educational and consultation services possible.Unlike other centers, PCS has, within its mission, a strong commitment to the greater New Hampshire community and has taken services from within its walls to the least likely places."Although spiritually integrated counseling is our main service, we're proud of our cutting-edge community programs," said Audrey Watjen, President and CEO of PCS, who is also a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. Dr. Emily Geoghegan is nationally recognized for her mindfulness-based stress management programs with the homeless and Dr. David Reynolds initiated our newest program, 'Appreciative Inquiry Organizational Development Service for Businesses, Schools and Congregations.'There are many good people in New Hampshire who go above and beyond to better our community. PCS has recognized nearly 100 individuals at their Good Samaritan Awards Banquet since 1996, which is attended by over 300 people annually.PCS accepts all major health insurances and has a vast menu of clinical services for all ages such as addiction recovery, child and adolescents therapy, eye movement desensitization reprocessing, marriage and family therapy, and psychological testing and assessment."People come to us at their darkest times and it is a real privilege to walk with them during this journey," said Watjen. Pastoral Counseling Services 2013 Elm Street - The Manning House Manchester, NH 03104 Phone: 603-627-2702 ext. 117 Fax: 603-627-3643
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