New hires unchanged in Nov., 22% below yearly figures


The number of new hires reported by New Hampshire employers in November remained about the same as those reported in October, according to the New Hampshire Department of Employment Security.NHES reported 21,345 new hires in November, as compared to 21,415 new hires through October – a difference of just 70 workers.November’s number is the third highest monthly total of reported new hires in 2009, behind July (23,869) and October. Some surprising good news is that November 2009 figures are substantially above those of November 2008, which saw only 16,249 new hires reported, or well over 5,000 less.Unfortunately, that’s where the good news ends.The total number of reported new hires so far in all of 2009 is well off the pace of that in 2008.Through November 2009, employers reported some 202,822 new hires, as compared to 259,670 in November 2008 – or a decrease of about 22 percent.The NHDES tracks the data monthly from W4 forms submitted by employers, which are required by law to report new hire information. Companies that have locations in multiple states, however, can choose which state to report the data to, regardless of where the employee was hired. The data also include workers who have been rehired and some independent contractors. The department also says that there is a potential for under-reporting because, although there can be civil penalties up to $25 for each new hire not reported as well as fines up to $500 for employers who conspire with new hires not to report, department officials were not aware of any noncompliance enforcement actions. — CINDY KIBBE/NEW HAMPSHIRE BUSINESS REVIEW
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