N.H. gas prices defy prediction


The predictions earlier this year that gas prices would eclipse $3 a gallon have so far proven false.The average price of regular gasoline in the Granite State has hovered at about $2.65 a gallon for most of year so far, with even premium gas remaining below $3 on average for much of the period.According to the American Automobile Association, current prices for the Manchester area are averaging at about $2.63 a gallon, about 3 cents lower than last month, but some 9 cent higher than this time last year.Portsmouth prices typically average about 3 cents higher than the Queen City, with prices at $2.68 currently -- 2 cents lower than a month ago but more than a dime higher than the $2.55 per-gallon average of last year.According to data from the state Office of Energy and Planning, gas prices in New Hampshire haven’t been above $3 since Oct. 14, 2008.Diesel prices have also largely stayed below $3, with Manchester prices at $2.87 and Portsmouth at $2.89.Diesel has been under $3 a gallon since Nov. 24, 2008, with a brief climb above in May 2010, according to the OEP.Current fuel prices are also a far cry from the historical highs in July 2008 of $4.02 for regular gas and $4.79 for diesel.New Hampshire also has the lowest gas and diesel prices in New England, with both fuels nearly 20 cents cheaper than Connecticut, which has some of the region’s highest prices.The nation’s current average gas price is $2.74 per gallon and diesel at $2.95. – CINDY KIBBE/NEW HAMPSHIRE BUSINESS REVIEW
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