Lynch signs business-related bills


Gov. John Lynch last week signed into law more than a dozen bills that affect business, and as a result doing business in New Hampshire -- for the most part -- didn’t get any cheaper.Here are a few of the changes:• Under House Bill 598, auctioneers will be more tightly regulated, and the cost of a bond they must acquire has been raised from $10,000 to $25,000. The law goes into effect Jan 1.• Under Jan. 1, private investigators also will face tougher regulations, and the fee for a license goes up from $100 to $150 for an individual and $400 to $500 per agency. In addition, the Safety Department can add on up to $50 more if the fee doesn’t cover expenses of licensing and regulating. The law goes in to effect Jan 1.) • Under HB 1239, administrative fines for wetlands violations will rise from $2,000 for each offense to $5,000, respective of the duration of violation. The new will also require that the Department of Environmental Services meet tighter deadlines in issuing permits. • Under HB 1252, auto insurers will be responsible for medical costs incurred for three years following an accident, not just one year. • Under HB 1267, hawkers and peddlers will be required by towns and cities to undergo background checks, including fingerprinting. And towns will be able to charge peddlers for the privilege. • Under HB 1352, direct shippers of alcohol (via the Internet, for example) willl have to obtain permits: $100 for wine manufacturers, $500 importers, retailers and wholesalers. • Under HB 1380, developers will be subject to charges by zoning boards of adjustment fees to cover costs, administrative expenses, third-party review and consultation. • Under HB 1404, those providing continuing education to Realtors could be subject to a fine of $2,000 per offense for not following regulations. • Under HB 1566, banks will have to disclose financial records of recipients whose eligibility for medical assistance is based on the applicant’s or recipient’s age, blindness or disability upon the state's request. -- BOB SANDERS/NEW HAMPSHIRE BUSINESS REVIEW
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