Hold a second job in N.H.? You’re not alone


Nearly 7 percent of the New Hampshire workforce held a second job in 2007 – one of the highest percentages in the country.According to data from the federal Bureau of Labor Statistics, 6.9 percent of New Hampshire workers holds another job – well above the 5.2 percent national average in 2007.According to the BLS, multiple jobholders are defined as people who report that they are wage or salary earners who hold two or more jobs, self-employed workers who also hold a wage or salary job, or unpaid family workers who also hold a wage or salary job. New Hampshire saw a decline in the percent of multiple job-holders from 7.3 percent in 2006. Twenty-six other states and the District of Columbia also saw decreases in their multiple job holding rates from 2006.New Hampshire's average percentage also was higher than New England's average of 6.2 percent. Massachusetts was the New England state with the lowest percentage, 5.2 percent, and Vermont experienced the highest average, with 9.4 percent of the workforce holding more than one job.Nationally, Northern states tended to have higher rates than Southern states. South Dakota had the highest percentage of multiple jobholders, 10.2 percent, while Nevada had the lowest rate, 3.8 percent.The Bureau of Labor Statistics cites reasons such as low average commuting times as a possible explanation for high multiple jobholding percentages in certain states. – LAURA CHAMBERLAIN/NEW HAMPSHIRE BUSINESS REVIEW
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