20 years of growth at Hillcrest Terrace


An enterprise that flourishes through hard times is a real find. That's one reason why the Hillcrest Terrace story is so compelling. For 20 years, people have found secure, affordable, comfortable retirement living on its beautiful campus. Today, Hillcrest Terrace is completing an investment in major enhancements, designed to serve a newgeneration. The transformation goes beyond a stunning new entrance and lobby, or the café and tavern opening in April. It's even bigger than the magnificent fitness center and pool, being built for people who make wellness an active part of their day. Hillcrest Terrace is bringing a new neighborhood of cottages to Manchester senior living, 22 units designed for those who seek greater independence.A business strategy based on listeningAll these changes come from listening carefully to the Manchester community. In fact, you may have answered the survey Hillcrest Terrace conducted late last year, seeking input to shape the community's future.But understanding the retirement needs of greater Manchester is one of the reasons for Hillcrest Terrace's enduring stability and success.Founded in 1991, Hillcrest Terrace's mission was - and remains - to provide seniors with inviting residences, stimulating activities and top-quality health care."...I have never regretted moving into Hillcrest Terrace ...The services are wonderful here. Getting to doctor's appointments, church, grocery and mall shopping, and entertainment is no problem at all... " - D. Balch resident, since 1999What you don't know can help youYou may have driven by the lovely wooded 17 acres and not realized exactly what Hillcrest Terrace is all about - and just how much it has to offer. Here, residents let a professional staff handle the daily household chores, prepare fine cuisine and watch over their health. They're free to enjoy music and the arts, travel and fitness classes designed to increase their vitality.And should they need assisted living or nursing care, it's right at hand.These services mean a lot to residents, but even more to their families. Adult children know that loving friends and an accomplished staff care for their parents every day. Their parents don't have to worry about burdening their families. That's a gift."My sisters and I wanted a retirement lifestyle for my parents that offered the same quality of living they enjoyed in their own home. We all agreed that Hillcrest Terrace fit the bill. My parents were always very active in the local community and my father continues to be involved. In many ways, he is more active now than ever." - Charlie Goodwin, son of resident, David GoodwinWhy not-for-profit status makes good business senseAs a not-for-profit community, with no need to reap dividends for shareholders, Hillcrest Terrace has been able to put its earnings right back into its mission, in everimproving services for residents. Not-for-profit retirement communities traditionally can invest more in crucial areas, such as health-care staffing and services. This factor helps account for Hillcrest Terrace's financial strength and high resident satisfaction." ...I checked out many retirement communities in different parts of the country before making my decision to move to Hillcrest Terrace... a sparkling freshness... in a beautiful wooded setting... attractive individual apartments and a variety of activities. The dining program excels... varied menu, appealingly served and nutritionally sound. An outstanding place to be! " - R. Todd, residentShared values, shared community spiritPart of this solid track record comes from the powerful spirit of community among the residents themselves. Hillcrest Terrace is more than a friendly, neighborly place to live; the residents share a deep commitment to service. In fact, they're the largest contributor of volunteer hours to the Retired and Senior Volunteer Program in greater Manchester. Year after year, they raise thousands of dollars to help the Manchester Food Bank feed the hungry."Our volunteers do so much with the time they share. They make a world of difference. In 2010, 79 Hillcrest Terrace residents served 9,670 hours responding to community needs. We applaud you for your energy and heartfelt ways!" - Dee Martin, volunteer services director, Southern New Hampshire Services, Retired and Senior Volunteer ProgramHillcrest Terrace builds on a 20-year tradition of looking ahead, creating new ways to enrich the lives of its community. It's the foundation for a great new future. Hillcrest Terrace 200 Alliance Way, Manchester, NH 03102 (603) 836-2226 www.hillcrestterrace.com
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